* Commercial real estate auction events
* Luxury real estate auction events
* Online real estate auctions
* Sealed bid real estate events
* Investor rental property auction events
* Bank-owned online auctions
* Residential FSBO events


FAIR MARKET VALUE DETERMINED: Buyers compete in fair transparent events to purchase real estate which can be difficult to value. This gives buyers and sellers comfort creating higher close rates then traditional marketing.

CERTAINTY: Auction's dictate the date the property will be sold compared to the buyer with conventional brokerage. The control over the liquidity event allows sellers to plan their next investment.

SPEED: Sellers expedite an otherwise slow stressful marketing process. Auctions force the interested buyers off the fence by setting the date the asset will be sold and requiring buyer action.

Why us

EXPERIENCE: Zetabid was founded by the Tribune Company, CataList Homes, and Go-Dove, (one of the worlds largest auction firms) in 2008. Zetabid sold over 3,000 homes in 20 ballroom auction events from coast to coast over the next two years.

In 2015 It formed an alliance with Heritage Global, Inc. to focus on commercial and luxury residential real estate market. Zetabid and Heritage principals have sold a billion in CRE assets.

We are in the bidding business, not the auction business.